Save the People and UMR distributed food in Jamaica. As part of their humanitarian efforts, Save the People and UMR provided food to people in need in the Jamaican community in New York City. This free halal food distribution took place on March 30th. The event was organized by Imam Muhammad Shahidullah, the Executive Director of Save the People.

The event was supported by community leaders such as Asha Rahman, CEO of Asha Home Care, and Mohammad Ali, President of the Bangladeshi American Society.In addition to food distribution, UETHRI also provided support. Volunteer support came from UNA-USA Association Queens Chapter and the office of New York City Speaker Enoria Adams. Various types of food were distributed among the needy. Hundreds of people lined up to collect food. Businesspersons, community activists, politicians, imams, doctors, and government officials were present.At the beginning of the event, Mohammad Faruque, the director of UMR, spoke. He said UMR has been doing humanitarian work around the world since its inception. Currently, in war-torn Gaza, several organizations, including UMR, are helping the helpless Palestinians. Apart from that, UMR has several projects in Bangladesh as well. Following the same trajectory, UMR has come forward to help the needy in New York.Aakash Rahman, President of the Bangladeshi American Society, expressed his excitement to be part of this wonderful initiative of food distribution, which aims to support the Bangladeshi community in Bangladesh and New York.

He said, “My organization and I have always tried to stand by the community. Through various forms of assistance, the Bangladeshi community is now doing a lot in the mainstream. This food distribution is an excellent example of that.”New York State Senator Toby N. Stavisky attended the event as a special guest. She praised such initiatives and expressed hope for more stable conditions for Bangladeshis in New York. She mentioned the unity and mutual cooperation among them, which she believes sets an example for others.Dr. Abul Kashem, advisor to the World Humanity Service, emphasized the responsibility of humans to stand by each other. He stated that it’s our duty as humans to lead in any humanitarian work. He also stressed the continuous nature of this responsibility, not just a one-time effort.Humayun Khan, former joint editor of the Jamaica Muslim Center, and community leader, said Ramadan teaches us to be empathetic towards others, to extend a helping hand to the needy.

He said, “Giving food to people is also a great act of worship.”Mohammad Ali, President of the Bangladeshi American Society, emphasized their consistent effort to support the needy. Even during the difficult times of COVID, they remained vigilant. He stated that there are many immigrants and low-income people in New York City, and UMR and Save the People are running this charity program to help them.Selim Khan, President of Masjid Kubra, expressed gratitude to those who organized this food distribution.

He emphasized the need for more such initiatives in the community and called on the affluent members of society to come forward.Sister Alimata, representing the United Nations Association, attended as a representative and stated that the United Nations’ goal of a hunger-free and poverty-free world cannot be achieved by the UN alone. She emphasized the need for collective efforts.Imam Mirza Abu Ja’far Beg of the Jamaica Muslim Center concluded the event with prayers and supplications.