Sweet smiles on the face of marginal farmers in the Ropa Aman’s bumper yield in Beanibazar. Golden paddy is swinging in the field.Farmers’ shells filled the horizon and the scent of the golden harvest came from the field al. The field has been filled with golden rice due to no insect attacks and various diseases. Talking about the smiles on the face of the farmer, the Upazila Agriculture Officer said the success was due to the constant contact of the agricultural office with the marginal farmers.

Various paddy fields are seen first hand in upazila, the horizontal pair of fields has been green and yellow in color. Rural populations are becoming filled with the smell of paddy. Farmers’ gold leaf paddies are spread across the field. The farmers of Beanibazar are very happy with the bumper yield of Ropa Aman paddy. Farmers and labourers are busy spending time in rice harvesting and care for the crops. However, many are not getting workers to harvest rice from the field. Workers have to spend more money in the field to cut the ripe rice.

According to sources in the Upazila Agriculture Office, this year, the target of cultivating Ropa-Aman has been set in 8,980 hectares of land in the upazila this season. However, exceeding the target, the cultivation of Ropa Aman has been cultivated on an area of ​​9,180 hectares, which is higher than last year.

Farmers have to earn twice as much wages as there is a shortage of manpower to harvest the crop from the field. Bahar Uddin of Mollapur Union of the Upazila said, “Due to the advance paddy plantation, there was no insect attack on my crop. This time the paddy is better than other times. However, due to the labor crisis, the crop has to be made at home with double wages.” Idris Ali, of the same area, said that this year’s crop did not produce pest attacks, it was good to use insect repellent at the right time, fertilizer application and regular care.

Beanibazar Upazila Agriculture Officer Md. Anisuzzaman said that this year Ropa Aman paddy field is in better condition than last year. Admission of paddy to its success is due to the advice of farmers to take steps to prevent disease and pest infestation. He said that the Deputy Agricultural Officers of each union had cooperated with the farmers at the field level. There was no adversity because of constant contact with them.