Two / three months ago, the price of onion has dropped slightly, but since the last 2/3 days, the prices have doubled. Traders are selling onions at a price they like. LC onions are selling for 240 tk. per kg, some for 250 taka. However, onion sold 2-3 days ago for 130-140 taka; Traders have increased it to tk. 90-110 per kg. Consumers are suffering from this. For this, they blame the unscrupulous business syndicate and the regular market for not monitoring.

Various markets of the municipality were seen on Saturday in first-hand, where the LC onions are being sold at Tk 240-250 per kg. And Thai onion sized onions are selling at Tk 215-220 per kg. Traders do not keep onions in most establishments in other markets of the village even town- markets. People who keep it are reported to be selling onions at a higher price. Consumers have read in extreme stupidity as the onion market is unstable.

Kamrul Islam, a buyer in Mathura, said “the rooster is currently being sold at Tk 115. Onions are more expensive than roosters in the market. I’m going home to buy 1kg of onion at a price higher than the price of two kilograms of rooster. In this situation it has been difficult to buy onions with other essential spices.”

Retail dealers say, “it costs us more to buy onions. Moreover, some of them are wasted. So we are selling at such a price. We do not have to do anything unless wholesalers drop prices. We have to buy at tk. 222-230 per kg. We sell for a little profit at 240-245 taka.”