Director General of Health and the Director General of the Drug Administration have ordered the laboratory tests of a claimed production of blood using essences from herbal ingredients. The newly invented Anemia medicine gets the permission for lab test after submitting an application to the authorities concerned in this regard.

It is learnt a lecturer of Beanibazar Government College recently claimed to invent the process of production of blood in human body using essences from herbal ingredients. The report of such a prized invention was published in The Beanibazar News24 recently.

According to sources, in response to an application of Md. Zahir Uddin, the producer of such process of production of blood using herbal ingredients, the Director General of the department of Health has ordered to test the invented blood production process at the laboratory. At the same time, Zahir also applied to the Director General of Drug Administration to copyright his product and his name as the inventor of such blood producing herbal ingredients and the DG, Drug Adman also ordered to test the process of production of blood at the laboratory of the office.

Md. Zahir Uddin, the inventor of the process of blood production using herbal ingredients informed, he had been able to invent the process of production of blood in human body using herbal ingredients after his two-decade of experiment and tests. By extracting essences from various herbs and plants, he was able to invent the blood production process and already some patients are getting benefit by using the ingredient. He claimed, by using the herbal ingredients created by him, patients were cent (100%) percent successful.

Md. Zahir Uddin is son of Late Nur Uddin of Dasura village under Beanibazar upazila of Sylhet district.

Md. Zahir Uddin further informed, the invention of process of artificial producing herbal essence is also cost effective and it will cost only Tk. 300 for production of a pound of such herbal product. The patient who suffers from Anemia will instantly be cured by consuming the artificial herbal essence. The patient will not be needed to push such herbal-essence through transfusion process; rather, an oral consumption of such essence will instantly start production of new blood in the body of a patient. The patient will need to extra drug or laboratory tests for consumption of the claimed artificial herbal essence.

Moazzem Hossain Ali Khan, Upazila Health Officer of Beanibazar Health Complex informed, it was possible to cure many diseases through using herbal drugs. But the process of production of such herbal essence which may be used for a substitute for blood, should only be started after obtaining permission from the concerned drug administration and the department of Health after successful tests of that at the laboratories.