In recognition of the significant contribution to the economy of the country for the year 2017, the government has selected 42 commercially important persons (CIP), including 36 people in the non-resident Bangladeshi category who sent the maximum remittance to the legal channel and 6 in the non-resident category of importers of Bangladeshi products abroad. The gazette was published on November 3 in this regard.

Among them, UAE resident Mohammad Mahtabur Rahman, the son of Beanibazar, is at the top of the remittance. Prior to this, Mahtabur Rahman was selected as the most commercially important person or CIP (NRB) for five times. He was the recipient of the highest remittance award of the highest bank of Bangladesh Bank for the fifth time in a row. He was recently elected president of the CIP (NRB) Association.

Mahtabur Rahman is the chairman of NRB Bank. Mahtabur Rahman started his business career in Al-Haramine Perfumes Company in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the year 1970. This 61-years-old famous resident is the founder and managing director of Al-Harmaine Commercial Group. Earlier this year, Mahtabur Rahman received a Gold Card Visa Certificate of Honorable Permanent Citizenship (UAE) as a Bangladeshi citizen. He is the first Bangladeshi in the history of the country to be given this privileged citizenship. Mahtabur Rahman is from Charkhai area of ​​Beanibazar upazila in Sylhet.